Over the past few years, the remarkable rise of cryptocurrency has benefitted numerous industries – with the lotto industry being the latest to be transformed by digital currencies. There is now a vast array of crypto lottery sites available to use, each offering a slightly different set of features and prizes.

In this guide, we review the best crypto lottery sites available in 2022, highlighting the services they offer before showing you how to enter a crypto lottery today – all in a matter of minutes.

What are new innovations in online lottery space?

A crypto lottery is a digitized version of conventional lotteries, and they are connected with most platforms for online betting, wagering, and bitcoin lottery games. The crypto lottery is a lottery game where participants gamble with cryptocurrencies and win large sums of money. The best crypto lottery sites and bitcoin lottery sites are now the most exciting method to earn money. The concept of the online crypto lottery is relatively new.

According to reports, the first Bitcoin lottery site came into the picture at the end of 2017. You can also check the several benefits of making money online using bitcoin lottery game varieties. Also, understanding the BTC lottery and its working is quite simple.

Why you should choose Coin Lottor ?

Coin Lottor leads the way when it comes to crypto Lottery and huge prizes. Coin Lottor has garnered attention from both the mainstream media and social media over the past few days due mainly to the platform’s unique take on crypto gaming.

Coin Lottor platform runs on Binance Tokens such as BNB & BUSD, Coin Lottor platform is entirely secure and designed with fairness and transparency in mind. the platform is launching on 1st December of 2022

The primary function of the coin lottor platform is to facilitate Weekly and Monthly crypto prize draws, which users can enter by purchasing a ticket through the coin lottor website and wait for the draw to win huge prize.

The reason that coin lottor is one of the best play to earn games is that the winner weekly or monthly draw is decided randomly. The pool prize is $1000,000 for winners is funded through ticket sales and and awarded to the winners This means that the more people who purchase tickets and enter the draws, the larger the Pool prize will become in future.

How to play

  • Create or login to coin lottor account
  • Click on buy button, Buy ticket with bnb or busd
  • Pick 5 numbers and wait for the draw

If you match 5/5 you will win $1000,000 in Busd
If you match 4/5 you will winn $100,000 in Busd
If you match 3/5 you will win $300 in Busd

The withdraw is automatic you will receive your winning amount instantly in your wallet

Another significant aspect of the Coin Lottor platform is that 100% of each pool prize will be distributed to winners. Coin Lottor users will be able to choose 5 numbers to enter the draw if you won the draw you will get paid directly in your given address.