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Non, Fungible and Tokens. You are probably acquainted with all of those words except Fungible, guess that’s why the simple concept called NFT sounds complex or a bit confusing.

Let’s say I lend you a hundred dollar bill and you where to pay back in two weeks. You could choose to pay back with a hundred dollar bill or five pieces of twenty dollar bills. while it’s obvious you have paid back what you owe, you didn’t return the exact hundred dollar bill I gave to you in the first place.

That could only mean that the hundred dollar bill I initially borrowed you is fungible, meaning it can be substituted or interchanged with something of equal value, in this case another hundred dollar bill or bills that add up to make a hundred dollars.

So an item is said to be Fungible when its value could be interchanged, substituted, or replaced with something of equal value. Hence, non-fungible would mean that the value of an item can’t be interchanged or exchanged.

So back to where we left off, NFT’s are digital tokens like cryptocurrencies, but with very unique and unexchangeable features. Meaning you can’t place NFT’s in the same class with Bitcoin or other Alt coins like Ethereum and the likes.


Miningsea recently launched NFT mining you can earn USDT by holding an nft some people are making from $50 to $600 per day

NFT Collection

Collection of unique NFTs that are an essential part of the MiningSea ecosystem. Each token in this collection provides users with various features in the innovative NFT Mining service. MiningSea system provides many opportunities in the most flexible and convenient form — activation and management processes are automated.

NFT Mining

NFT Mining with MiningSea is an innovative mining technology. You no longer have to own powerful hardware and pay electricity bills — all you need to do is buy a NFT, giving you an all-time high mining speed as well as a stable income in USDT!

Passive Income

Grow Your Passive Income Earn daily rewards on your NFT mining with MiningSea earn stablecoin USDT. Just buy up your NFT and start growing your wealth automatically without lifting a finger, Level up your earnings more with miningsea referral program.

So how miningsea.io works

First you need to create an account to get started with miningsea, deposit your usdt in your wallet buy NFT choosing from the collection each NFT gives you multiple level of earnings, if you buy an NFT worth of $50 you can earn 2.5 usdt every day passively refer to earn more and increase your levels you can earn upto $600 usdt per day with unlimited passive income.

now its time to get started buy your first nft and start earning right away. https://miningsea.io